Fortnite Shooting Its Way Onto Switch?

Oh man. Happy days. My one and only reason to fire up the PS4 may be coming to an end, if rumours are true that Fortnite is on its way to our beloved Switch consoles.

There are not one but two different sources that suggest that this is indeed true:

Firstly a leaked document over at 4Chan, shows Fortnite as one of several unannounced Switch titles to be revealed at E3. The following picture has been posted to corroborate the story and seems to suggest that Dragon Ball FighterZ and various other games will be playable at the show:


Secondly, over at the Korean Ratings Board website (as spotted by Twitter user Nibel), the following game classification information has been posted, showing that a game called Fortnite has been approved for release in the territory:


No word yet from Epic Games as to the credibility of either source but we’ll let you know more as and when we get it.

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