Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares: Complete Edition 90 Second Review

Little Nightmares: Complete Edition in a Nutshell:

A demented and good-looking video game version of Hide and Seek that scares and thrills in equal measures.

It’s been over a year since Little Nightmares, a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment was released on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One to a modicum of success. The game now wings its way onto the Switch in a Complete Edition guise with all previously released DLC content included.

The game follows a hungry little girl called Six who is trapped in the Maw, a mysterious vessel catering to the whims of sick and powerful creatures. After waking up in the lower depths of the Maw, Six escapes the harsh confines whilst having regular moments of excruciating, primal-like hunger. She soon becomes stalked by the long-armed blind Janitor, who has been capturing children and sending them on an overhead hook conveyor belt after they are killed.

To be fair the story is irrelevant and just an excuse for another hard as nails Limbo / Inside like platformer where death is constantly, and unexpectedly, around every corner. The aim of the game is to ascend through the various levels of the Maw hiding from pursuers. They stop. You stop. They pass. You start moving again. And then they come back and you do it all over again. If you’re caught, the game is over. What sets the game apart is the wonderful art style of the characters and environments and some sharp sound design which makes each chase, shock and death impactful.

The biggest problem with the game is its very structure. Like Limbo and Inside death is frequent but with long breaks between restarts the immersion developed through the excellent graphics and sound is lost somewhat as you are constantly pulled out of the game by long load screens.

Good Bad
  • Excellent characters and environments.
  • Sound design does a good job of immersing you in the game
  • Premise is interesting if predictable
  • Best version of the game with all previously released DLC included
  • Unoriginal
  • Looooooong load times really break the immersion of the story
  • Requires a lot of patience to succeed

Score: 7 (out of 10)

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