Thoughts: N64 is Dead – Long Live the N64

Following on from the super successful NES and SNES Classic Edition consoles, it would appear Nintendo may be developing an N64 version. Over in Japan  Nintendo Co. Ltd. has  re-applied for the N64 trademark which could suggest that a classic version of the legendary console might be on the horizon.
Whether this is a good thing or not depends on how this impacts on the chances of the Virtual Console coming to Nintendo’s latest console the Switch. Nintendo have repeatedly said they have no plans to bring any sort of emulation to the Switch which is a great shame. I myself loved the chance to revisit classic games on the Wii and later the Wii U and the development and indeed the success of the Classic Edition consoles would seemingly make any chance of a revamped Virtual Console for the Switch highly unlikely.

It isn’t, however, the first time that Nintendo have renewed the trademark and it isn’t unusual for companies to hold onto trademarks even after a product line ceases to exist.

Let’s hope that some point soon Nintendo rethink their plans for the Virtual Console on Switch and we are given the chance to once again play some of our old faves.

Source: japanesenintendo.com

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