Update: Nintendo Switch Bundle Undocked – But Not Outside Japan

UPDATE: Nintendo of America have confirmed that there are currently no plans to release the dockless Nintendo Switch bundle  outside of Japan.

Over in Japan, Nintendo  has announced a new, cheaper Switch bundle that includes the base unit, two Joy-Con and wrist straps but no dock, Joy-Con Grip, HDMI cable or charging cable.The Nintendo Japan website, states that the handheld-only pack will retail for ¥5,000, around $45 or £33 cheaper than the full Switch bundle.Word from Nintendo UK is that there are no plans currently to release this bundle in the UK.

“This is in Japan only. We have no plans to release this in our region. Different regions make different decisions based on a variety of factors.”

Nintendo’s is calling the new bundle a “second set” that is geared towards  households that already have a Switch and want another console primarily as a multiplayer device..

Source: IGN

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